Memorial Day: Honor Our Fallen Heroes

by Dana Murphy

Posted on May 28, 2018 — Murphy Mail

Memorial Day: May 28, 2018

On Memorial Day, my family and I pause and send out prayers and thoughts to those of you who have lost loved ones recently as well as in the past. What is now a federal holiday originally started out as Decoration Day, a time to place flowers on the graves of those who died serving in the Civil War.

Many families spend part of this holiday placing flowers and decorations on the graves of their deceased loved ones, both those who served in the military and those who did not. This has been a generational tradition in my family which I recall being part of from early childhood.

Mt. Olive Cemetary Meeting

At the Mt. Olive cemetery where five generations of my family, including my brother Thad, are buried, I have served as the cemetery board chairman for the past 16 years. Each Sunday before Memorial Day, we gather for a business meeting and program, along with a potluck lunch at the country church at the cemetery. Families near and as far away as Delaware and New York gather each year to decorate graves, honor our veterans buried at the cemetery and take time to remember those who have died.

This holiday is still challenging for my family, as Thad was such an important part of this annual event. It is still hard for me to accept at times that he is now buried in the same cemetery he worked so hard at improving and maintaining.

I hope each of you who are traveling have a safe journey and no matter where you are this holiday weekend, that you will take the time to pay homage to those who died serving our country. Following Memorial Day, I hope to see you soon along the campaign trail!

God bless,

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